Pregnancy and Beyond



Physiotherapy before, during and after pregnancy can help you to have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy and speed up your recovery after birth. Understanding your body and the challenges it faces during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond will empower you to take action for optimum wellbeing and ensure a smooth transition to motherhood.

Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain affect 1 in 5 women and could cause nasty back, hip or pelvic pain that can affect your mobility and disturb your sleep.

Separation of the abdominal muscles (also called ‘diastasis recti’) is a common condition in pregnancy and allows room for the baby to grow, but for many women the ‘tummy gap’ remains abnormally wide postpartum and need specialist attention to ensure full recovery. Other common problems include pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder or bowel control issues, painful scar tissue from having had an episiotomy or C-section, and ongoing back or pelvic girdle pain postnatally; all of which can successfully and safely be treated by a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Whether or not you are experiencing problems, you can benefit from a consultation with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist if you plan on having a baby, are pregnant already or recently had a baby. It is never too late to take action, even years down the line.

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