Electrical Stimulation



Electrical stimulation is sometimes used to help the pelvic floor muscles contract, facilitate pelvic floor muscle relaxation and can be used to relieve pain. For muscle training it can help to ‘kick start’ contractions in unresponsive pelvic floor muscles, or increase the strength of muscles as part of your normal exercise routine. Although electrical stimulation is often advertised as ‘a device that can do all the work for you’, it should never replace your own effort. You should practice contracting your muscles in sync with the machine until your own strength has improved sufficiently to continue with the pelvic floor exercises on your own.

There are several electrical stimulation devices available, and these can easily be ordered from the internet, some better than others. I would strongly recommend you seek the advice of a physiotherapist before you purchase such a device, as electrical stimulation is not suitable for all patients and if indicated, you should have proper instructions on how to use the machine, ideally with settings that are customised to your needs.

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