Education, lifestyle advice and self-help strategies are integral parts of therapy. If appropriate, we may discuss your day-to-day activities and challenges, diet, relationships and intimate issues, as well as keep-fit regimes to try identify problems or potential contributing factors to your symptoms; which will allow us to address any issues and consider alternative option to minimize risk for injury of strain.

With regards to surgery, arranging a physiotherapy appointment before your surgery will provide the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your surgery, how best to prepare for your surgery and what to expect in the post-operative recovery period. Advice will be offered on how soon you can resume day-to-day activities, safe manual handling principles can be demonstrated and practiced, and guidelines can be offered on safe return to exercises. You can also get a head start with some exercises, including pelvic floor muscle exercises, before and after surgery as you may not feel ready to travel for appointments in the early days post-operatively.

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